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The EnGamer Network hosts a number of popular websites across the web and is home to thousands of active gamers across spanning a variety of gaming platforms. Our aim is to create active communities, with a real focus on high quality content and gaming tools our audience will find useful.

One of our better known products is our Clan Portal System which is home to hundreds of active clans and sub communities.

Our Audience

Our audience share one thing in common. Much like us, they're passionate about gaming and technology. Our main product is our Clan Portal system which is home to several active communities who all enjoy playing as a group.

Not only is this ideal for Clans looking to advertise for recruitment, but also agencies who specialise in gaming equipment and games developers looking to market the next big multiplayer game.

Clever Positioning

Many site's will offer standard ad positioning throughout. While this helps with layout consistency, users can become acustomed to ad positioning and simply skim over adspace.

Our site's offer a slightly different approach. We've done our research and have tailored our ad positioning on a per-page basis to get you the best results.

We've identified areas of our site which get the most views and the best length of exposure.

Advertisers Panel

We like to give our advertisers full control over their campaign.

Using our back-end advertisers panel, you can control how often your ads are displayed and which of our sites they get shown on.

You control how many impressions you want and how long they should last.


We aim to make our advertising affordable. Many site's use a bidding scheme which can often result in paying higher amounts for clicks.

We prefer a simpler approach.

You can buy 1,000 banner impressions for $1. It's as simple as that.

You can choose how often, and where, your banners are displayed giiving you full control over how quickly you use these up.

Get in Touch

If you're interested in advertising with us, simple send us an email at: Let us know what you're advertising, and the size of your campaign and we'll respond as quickly as possible.