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12/04/2014 12:31pm
So -MARVINs- has managed to acquire 2 new recruits toda, and we're pleased to announce that "Edakk" and "1Fatalslay3r" are the latest entries to our roster!
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Posted By FM4k
29/03/2014 23:25pm
As of today, -MARVINs- is 4 members strong! Welcome CloudWolf as the newest member of the best Titanfall clan around!


Currently, our roster consists of:

*-MARVINs-JOTUNN: Recon; Particularly deadly in 1-on-1 and CQB scenarios, experienced in quick, efficient information gathering.

*-MARVINs-Breaker: Heavy assault; Specializes in high-damage, high-risk applications. Success ratios are always high.

*privfaith: Support; Specializes in reinforcing allied objectives.

*CloudWolf: Our newest member! We still have no idea what he's capable of, yet, but we're sure it's awesome.
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